1, Choose and provide photos
Choose and provide photos of yourself. Front view photos must be provided and features must also be clear seen. It is better to provide some more photos. Because the photos of good and bad will directly determine the final works! Do not choose the best similarity is not high art.
2, tell me your idea
Choose the body you like on our web and tell me the Model number .If you doní»t like our body on our web, you can also tailor the posture and clothes. Just be creative and have your ideas referenced and photos.
3 , term of payment
The production will begin upon receipt of payment .You can pay by Paypal western union or money gram.
4, confirm the draft
After 7-10 days, you will receive the draft of head and body by e-mail, you need to correct or confirm the draft. This step is very important. Because you can modify the figurine only on this draft .And we will modify it to meet you need .But you must reply the draft confirmation, if you doní»t reply us, we will not proceed to the next step. And it will affect the production process.
5, works completed
After we receive the confirmation of draft, the figure will be completed in 3-4 days, and you will receive photos from us to ensure the painting of figurine .If ití»s ok, we will deliver the product to you by EMS. If you want to deliver by other shipping company,such as DHL ,TNT ,Please tell us in advance.( Once works has been forming, the client can not work for making modifications)
Ask: what material? What material is this?
Answer: 1 material with resin and imported clay soil mainly, the professional building, high temperature roasting, grinding can be formed after artificial coloring. This material is non-toxic and never corrupt mildew.
2 fixed style for the head of pottery, the following section has good resin model.
Want to give to family, to friends a pleasant surprise? The one and only have their own personality style? Put your photo to our satisfaction, " BobbleI" workshop will make this small wish come true. According to the need to do, to meet the demand for personalized; convey emotion, a piece of works and vivid; fusion of art, culture, emotion in one, highlight the fashion and taste. Personalized cartoon doll abandoned serious preaching, to reality as the prototype, exaggerated cute appearance publicity personality, is everyone will like the gift, the one and only.
our bobblehead material all using resin it is hard after baking not like some other factory only head is resin the body using soft materials clay.
The main difference between clay and resin in there?
1, build the doll head, resin body DIY:
The body is resin - refers to the doll body to apply our inherent template, customers can choose their own like the modeling style, is only the doll head according to picture order.

2, doll body build:
The body is soft, the doll body by picture order, including hair, face, clothing styles and colors, action figures, background etc..

Material: resin, no deformation, do not fade, baked to harden, dirty cleaning. According to the need to do, to meet the demand for personalized;

Before the such products only for the big star in the making, but now you can have their own cartoon doll. Is the wedding, friends gifts, personalized collection precious gift of choice. When the friend's birthday PARTY, when you took out according to the pictures of her and sculpture cartoon people, imagine her surprise; when parents birthday or anniversary when, by parents make a sculpture on human cloning, is not only a mind, is their love of the permanent witness. At the same time, the clone sculpture can also be provided according to customer any style, you create your ideal embodiment of the best.

Related questions to answer!

Ask: similarity is high?

Answer: put the photo on the trade figures with designers, creating the only one character goods! Pure handmade and appropriate cartoon, so the similarity does not need is impossible to achieve hundred percent!
Up to 70%, good at 90%

Ask: the number of working days for how long?

Answer: because it is pure handmade, in order to ensure the quality, general long production time. Through continuous technological improvements, has now greatly shorten the process time. All parts of the country in general 10-15 working days can get work.

Ask: how to select the photos?

Answer: to positive facial features clear photo, please note photo features clear, positive, pixels high, daylighting is good. Avoid shooting angle is too large. Side photo, supplemented by; because the picture is the production of cartoon characters statue only auxiliary materials, therefore, provide more clearly the effect of the high.

Ask: can design their own want modeling and scene?

Answer: Yes! You only need to provide your creativity, or provide you to do modeling pictures, we can meet your requirements, but requires extra cost, with specific reference to modeling complex degree and different. The scene can add specific house, pet, souvenirs etc.! ( according to the optional background complex degree different, the price according to the adjustment).

Ask: if ordering a large number of words, the price can have discount?

Answer: Yes if more than 3 we will give you Free shipping and if more pls contact us!
because each piece are handmade a kneading and into, so the cost and price can not be reduced, but if it is made with souvenir goods or gifts, price has a certain space. Different works generally one-time order more than 3 we can give you free shipping

making time:

this doll making time for 10~15 days please arrange the time. 5 working days of kneading preliminary sample, take pictures to your reference, then waiting the buyer confirm if it can be produced, we will as soon as possible to complete the final production. If buyers feel like can put forward to revise the proposal, we will be in accordance with the buyer's Guide to cartoon doll is amended to reach the acme of perfection! Time is therefore postponed!!


The doll will not return the product or refund, please respect our works! If you think it is not good enough we will modify it to your satisfaction, if the customer found doll lossy signs of cracking we are also responsible for a full set of repair, and express and damage to repair costs are undertaken by us, will not charge customers a penny!

Transaction process:

1 in the shop to take you to the mud doll category, after the payment, please upload you photnes and contact us,
2 you will give us at least 1 piece of your positive features clear life photos, We only accept place an order when we have the photos,during we making the bobbleheads will not accept additional photos, please forgive!
3 we need 10-15 working days, then we will contact you as soon as possible, and then express to you. ( finished photos can be in post-production made contact )
4 because it is not clone this bobblehead cannot be 100% similar. We try to get closer to your photo version of the Q cartoon statue. In addition we damage outside, other issues we will not replace and return.